AMIC sells solutions, not just parts.

AMIC has developed the ability to work with American OEMS (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in a collaborative way.

The American OEM engineer wants a product that will meet his technical requirements at the lowest possible cost. In other words, if a supplier can suggest an alternative design, or product, or method which will accomplish their technical need but at a lower cost, the OEM engineer wants to know.

American suppliers need to sell solutions, not parts. Too many companies want to quote from a detail drawing or a sample. They are selling parts or products, not solutions. AMIC Engineers have on several occasions, offered alternative suggestions. Such as a totally different way to connect levers to adjustment mechanisms, which eliminated the need for a spherical bearing rod end.

Another suggestion was to use shaped tubing instead of round tubing to increase strength and lower cost. Another example was the method of holding a very complex assembly during the assembly process which improved dimensional consistency.

We believe in selling engineered solutions to OEMS and AMIC Engineers have helped us do just that.

Bradley W.